Alternatives to uBlock

An incredibly popular extension for Chrome that blocks ads and website trackers without user input

Alternatives to uBlock
  • WAToolkit 1.4.2
    WAToolkit 1.4.2

    A Free Browsers program for Windows

    Free In English
  • Adblock Plus for Chrome 3.10
    Adblock Plus for Chrome 3.10

    Block individual ads, whitelist certain websites and only allow legitimate ads with this add-on for Chrome

    Free In English
  • Mozilla Firefox 85.0.2
    Mozilla Firefox 85.0.2

    Mozilla's Firefox is an open-source internet browser that works on most operating systems

    Free In English
  • ZenMate VPN for Chrome
    ZenMate VPN for Chrome

    Access a stable and secure Internet connection from anywhere with this utility

    Trial version In English
  • Google Input Tools
    Google Input Tools

    Users can type in a wide variety of other languages by creating virtual keyboard layouts

    Free In English
  • Google Input Tools for PC
    Google Input Tools for PC

    A virtual word processor that allows users to type in multiple languages and special characters

    Free In English
  • uBlock

    Blocks ads better than Adblock Plus

    Free In English
  • Ghostery 8.5
    Ghostery 8.5

    Fancy tracking the analytics gadgets that are watching you on the web?

    Free In English
  • uBlock Origin Extra varies-with-device
    uBlock Origin Extra varies-with-device

    A Chrome extension that blocks websites from attacking

    Free In English
  • Adblock 3.4
    Adblock 3.4

    Block ads and annoying pop ups automatically in every major browser

    Trial version In English
  • Adblock 4.16.0
    Adblock 4.16.0

    Use this extension to block ads on websites and pre-ads on YouTube on your Chrome browser

    Free In English
  • Adblock for Youtube 1.8
    Adblock for Youtube 1.8

    Blocks annoying ads on Youtube making it easier to load videos and watch them without interference

    Free In English
  • Adblock Plus for Firefox 3.10
    Adblock Plus for Firefox 3.10

    Block all of the popups and other ads that show up on the web browser

    Free In English
  • Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer 1.5
    Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer 1.5

    Block ads that you do not want to see when using the Internet Explorer browser

    Free In English
  • Adguard Adguard 6.0
    Adguard Adguard 6.0

    Stop the constant flow of annoying online advertising and potentially hazardous adware apps

    Trial version In English
  • uBlock Origin varies-with-device
    uBlock Origin varies-with-device

    A reliable ad blocker for browsers for people who are sick of online ads getting through

    Free In English